Standard Panel

(5'2" High, (4)-1" rods, 24' length)

650 lbs


Home of The Spear Ranch Free Standing Panel

Deluxe Panel

(5'10" High, (5)- 1" rods, 24' length)

680 lbs

Standard Panel with Gate

(16' panel, 8' gate - 24' overall length)


  Standard Panel $450.00


  Standard Panel with Gate $485.00


  Deluxe Panel  $485.00


  Deluxe Panel with Gate $520.00


"These are the best panels I have ever come across. They are the most sturdy of anything on the market today.  A cow can jump on them and they will not crush or bend.  That means no more wasting money by replacing messed up panels. It is my pleasure to be able to bring them to you at an affordable price."   

                                                                                                                           Bart Spear

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The Last Panel You Will EVER Need To Buy!

Easy To Move Around With A Loader Tractor Or Skid Steer

 Heavy Duty L Hook And Chain Connection At Top And Bottom Of Each Panel

  The Possibilities Are Endless:

     • Corrals                           • Feedlots

     • Shipping Pens               • Sorting Alleys

     • Calving Facilities          • Arenas

      Horses won't eat these corrals down.

​​No Need For Posts In The Ground!  Re-arrange Your Facility Any Time You Like!

** Get a Few Or A Whole Semi Load  **

  Made Of Oilfield Pipe and Sucker Rod

     • 2 7/8" Frame

     • 1" Sucker Rod

     • 24' Long   

     • 48" Angled Leg Spread For Stability